The Union Cast Dress Rehearsal in Winston-Salem, NC

The Union Cast Dress Rehearsal in Winston-Salem, NC

On Friday, Feb 8th at 8PM | UNION: The Musical, was performed in Winston-Salem at The Stevens Center. Tickets were free and distributed through local partner churches and organizations.

THE FORUM ON FAITH AND CULTURE followed on Saturday, Feb 9th. Close to 1,000 people from across racial, socio-economic and generational lines joined us for a dynamic forum during which we discussed the important and challenging subjects of race, justice and walking in the way of Jesus. Community Partners and Union Team members joined in these sessions, taking place at Union Baptist Church. Together we spent time lamenting, reflecting, learnings, and participating in thoughtful conversations which we expect will result in positive action.

The attendees and wider community were invited to sign a commitment card and take a “Next Step” with strong work that is already happening in our community. These and other opportunities will be added to this page. CLICK HERE to sign up for emails highlighting key opportunities 2-3 times per month.

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