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The pathways process from start to finish can last anywhere form 30-60 days. We take this step back before we step up approach in order to best serve our volunteers. We believe by taking the time to assess your goals, passions, and gifting; grow and learn more about the context of serving and the areas you're serving in; and engage with organizations through multiple service opportunities BEFORE serving, we are setting our volunteers up for more successful, meaningful partnerships. We also strongly believe in open, honest feedback, covered in grace - wherein we invited you to openly answer our survey after each unique serve, so we know how our organization and our partner organizations are doing. 

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"Vocation is about a calling from God, from yourself, and from the world. Luther demanded that the concept of vocation be separated from ecclesiastical denotations-that is, he insisted that vocation is for all Christians, not just the clergy or members of religious orders. He insisted that God calls all Christians."
― Bradley Holt from Thirsty for God