There are two Winston-Salems.

One marked by access, innovation, and opportunity, another plagued by a history of dispossession, oppression, and inequity. The work doesn’t end with a powerful musical, compelling panel, or moving sermon. 

We invite you to seek to uncover the historic and present realities of racial injustice in Winston-Salem & compel The (whole) Church into a “revolutionary oneness” that seeks to undo oppression and to form authentic beloved community. 


This webpage is not designed to be an exhaustive list of resources, organizations, and programs for you to participate with but a starting point, for you to take a step away from just imagination and into collaboration and implementation with the work going on in our community to uncover and undo oppression that has been binding for years. 

We invite you to not only browse - but dig deep. 
Not only dig deep - but show up.
Not only show up - but engage. 

Go across the street, visit a new church, pray boldly, form authentic beloved community.

Scroll down for a full list of organizations or download our February 2019 resource booklet HERE.

Upcoming Events: