Fiscal Sponsorships

The purpose of Love Out Loud (LOL) Fiscal Sponsorship Program is three-fold:

1.     To help organizations, in line with our mission, in the incubation period as they are applying for their 501(c)(3); to accept donations on their behalf, and help administratively facilitate their programs.

2.     To administratively support programs, in line with our mission, that are not applying for a 501(c)(3), to allow them to best use their time and resources to work in their area of passion, without as much of a burden of administration and governance.

3.     To assist for-profit organizations, in nonprofit projects, in line with our mission, to accept tax-deductible donations to help the nonprofit projects progress, and fall in line with legal guidelines of hybrid ventures. 

Love Out Loud seeks to support local organizations, groups, and future 501(c)(3)’s as they ignite new ideas and systems that will work to bridge the gaps in service in our community and promote the growth and development of these programs, support networks, and resources. 

Contact our partnership director, Liz Kaiman with questions: | 336.747.3067