Winston-Salem Data

View the below reports for reports and data on our community, Winston-Salem / Forsyth County, NC.


Rethinking Philanthropy: An Exploration of Black Communities in Forsyth County

Rethinking Philanthropy:  An Exploration of Black Communities in Forsyth Countywas published by BPI in 2018. This report draws attention to black history in Forsyth County and its direct influence on systemic issues and inequities still prevalent in our community today.

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The Forsyth Story: A Strategy for Creating a More Inclusive Economy

In the summer of 2017, the KBR Trust engaged ncIMPACT to give advice on developing an overall strategy for its Local Impact Funding. The questions to resolve included the connections between Great Expectations and other Local Impact Funding, the root causes that contribute to Forsyth’s experience with poverty and other socioeconomic conditions, and how the Trust’s focus should change to address these causes.

The ncIMPACT team analyzed demographic data, the results of an electronic survey of Forsyth residents and workers, and comments recorded during interviews and focus groups to distill the county’s present challenges.