To enhance the education and life-long learning for under-served youth and their families. GIDE currently provides services to over 200 students and their families at four sites: Cleveland Avenue Homes, Piedmont Park, Rolling Hills Apartments, and Townview Apartments. These communities are designated as Public Housing and Section-8 areas. All of these communities have a long history of high crime rates, drugs and violence, high unemployment rates, teen and pre-teen pregnancies, single-parent fatherless homes, and poverty.

GIDE has four primary focus areas: 

Parents and school engagement;

Parents’ personal development;

After-school tutorials, homework 

assistance, and enrichment activities; 

Summer enrichment activities.

GIDE’s Programs Include: 

A daily Youth Education Academy; DIVAS – Dreams Initiating Virtuous Alternative Solutions; PHASAC – Gang & Dropout Prevention through Youth Sports; STEP – Summer Teaching Enrichment Program, & Youth Entrepreneurs


2020 East 14th Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27105


336.602.0565 | bill.tcewp@gmail.com