Faith & Justice Speaker Series

Our Mission
The Holy Gospel calls Christian people to the work of justice. Our commitment is to:
• Respect the human dignity of all persons.
• Strive for peace by bringing people to unity with God and each other.
• Serve Christ in all persons.

Our Work
• To educate parishioners and the wider community on issues that create a community of justice, advocacy, action, and service in the name of Jesus Christ.
• To inform and challenge people with regard to justice issues as they appear in Biblical testimony and Church tradition.

Our speaker series, In My Backyard: Faith and Current Events, meets on the fourth Thursday of each month from September through May. Please join us! 

In this February 26 presentation, Dr. Dale Pollock looks back in film history to examine the deep roots of Hollywood racism. 

Only by understanding the power of images created in films like THE BIRTH OF A NATION and KING KONG can we comprehend the depth and breadth of racism in the movies. 

We will see how two kinds of film making emerged:  one for white audiences in which black Americans were solely house servants and train porters and more vibrant African-American-made films by a paucity of black directors.  Not until Spike Lee made DO THE RIGHT THING IN 1989 did a genuine black directorial voice emerge.

Tuesday,* February 26, at 12:00p

Please bring your own lunch.


*The monthly Faith & Justice Lunch Presentations are typically hosted on the 4th Thursday from 

September - May. Visit the church website or call for more information. 


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