hurry up and wait

in this part of the country, there’s hardly an easing into summer, rather a baptism by fire kind of introduction to the heat that’s likely here to stay till at least mid-september. however sweat inducing and taxing on the air conditioning bill, the summer sun tells us that the world has come alive again and growth. And I am thankful. 

in the words of ann voskamp, “thanksgiving always precedes the miracle” so gratitude must mark these days of beginning and newness. this post grad journey leads me back to my roots, to the muddy waters of the Yadkin river, humid front porch living, and abundant smiles from strangers winding down back roads.


the days brim with opportunity, much like the freshly planted fields surrounding the homestead where we dream, pray and wait expectantly for the Lord’s design for this property. in between sunrises and sunsets, there’s down salsa garden planting, coffee shop hand shaking, and plenty of sweet tea sipping- the ebb and flow of looking for the activity of God and then the actually joining Him in that work. 

while I anticipate all the Lord will do in and through this place, I must remember to wait upon Him and His perfect timing. His purposes will be accomplished with or without us, which can honestly bring comfort when the self-induced pressure to produce lingers. 

quantification doesn’t equal sanctification.

nor does quantifying our human activity equal justification nor salvation for that matter. the real life, real messy, and real time it takes to build community isn’t something I can plug into a computer algorithm or curate overnight.


rather, like the farmer and his crops, you must tend relationships in order for them to grow. you cannot rush beauty nor force the ground to yield the harvest. it’s in the place of waiting for the movement of the Spirit and the space needed for friendship that this journey unfurls. 

countless examples throughout scripture invite us to rejoice in seasons of patience and waiting on the Lord- Ruth waiting with Naomi, Abraham awaiting a child, Esther unsure of the future of her people, Joseph tarrying in foreign hands, Paul waiting for release from prison, Jesus waiting for His death and resurrection in the garden. 

He could have saved us in a second, but instead He sent a child.

instead of bemoaning the interludes in life or forsaking the complexities of genuine relationships or disregarding the perspective of the other, let us embrace the fullness of His new morning mercies. 

the Lord has planted you, rooted you in whatever season you find yourself in today. although we often suffer in the waiting, question God’s faithfulness, and find ourselves tempted by the seeds of doubt planted by the evil one- let us remember—- “He who has promised is faithful.”