farther along.


humming along to the twang of old gospel music, i drove the winding backroads out to the Shore property this past week to an evening filled with much anticipation of God’s continued work in this haven of a place.

as in southern tradition, most friendships are forged over an extension of hospitality. thus after a week of porch scrubbing, rocking chair assembling, and porch light hanging, the home felt ready to extend a welcoming hand to neighbors and folks invested in the yadkin county community.

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plates filled with barbecue and cups brimming with sweet tea accompanied the evenings conversation as we listened to stories of Wayne Shore’s life and reflected on the power of unquestioning faithfulness. as told by his closest living friends, Mr. Shore’s life could almost be summed up by the following sentiment:

“does anybody need anything?”

how often do I forget to ask this question? or even dare to ask it? to think beyond myself and trade self focus for an others minded orientation? the life of this beloved tobacco farmer convicts me more every day.

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Mr. Shore selflessly helped those in need well beyond the bare minimum. he stuck around when everyone else cleared shop to pay for the tire on a busted up truck for the even more tired and tried single mother. he’d listen to those with something on their mind. his life was marked by kindness and a truest type of mercy.

hasn’t it been said before? 

“truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

the beauty of community conversation continued to unfold throughout the evening as his faithful property caretaker shared of how often all Mr. Shore wanted was a friend and someone to talk to.

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it’s these simple virtues- of connection, authenticity, understanding and listening, we seek to honor through the legacy of his homestead in this deeply rooted community of east bend.

although a bedroom community with a population just a dash over 600 kind folks could appear insignificant in the eyes of this world, this could not be further from the truth.

just because the is tempo slower doesn’t mean the song is any less beautiful.

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there’s a certain type of dignified arduousness which wells up from years farming the ground and actually knowing the land and knowing your neighbors. it’s these communities which formed this nation and whose legacies it would be a crying shame to forget, or worse- disregard.

through the home and property of Wayne Shore we so desire for each and every resident to know their worth and how deeply loved they are by a Father who loves us more than we could ever imagine. our evening spent dreaming, listening, and remembering reflected the power of such quiet love and it’s power to transform the lives of individuals and communities alike.

although the vision for this shared space is still forming, molding, and growing- of this I am sure,

we’ll understand it, farther along. 

Morgan BarneyComment