Hurricane Florence Relief


Now that the storm has passed, many local organizations are working to help our neighbors, near and far, with disaster relief and cleanup.

Love Out Loud is in communication with the City of Winston-Salem and other organizations about how residents can help with response efforts as they develop. Check this page often as updates on how you can help will be posted immediately as they become available.

 The Houston 40 Team from an Oct 2017 Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Trip

The Houston 40 Team from an Oct 2017 Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Trip

CLICK HERE for the Twitter feed of the City of Winston-Salem.

How can I help?

There are two main areas you can help with Hurricane Florence Recovery.

Current Evacuee Care

Currently the LJVM Coliseum has over 300 evacuees at staying in a Red Cross emergency shelter. On September 26th, the shelter will close. Many evacuees are struggling to find the means to return home. Love Out Loud is working with the Red Cross to identify and meet transportation and other immediate needs for these evacuees. Click Here and choose DISASTER RELIEF to donate to help meet these needs.

Clean Up Care

Love Out Loud is working with the Mayor’s office, Ministers Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity, FaithHealthNC, and Offering for a Hungry Nation to plan a trip to the Coast in the coming weeks to help with clean up from the storm. Please fill out the form on this page to receive updates about these and other efforts.

There’s a press conference at 2pm at Thursday, Sept 20 at Emmanuel Baptist (1075 Shalimar Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27107) covering Hurricane Florence Relief efforts with the Ministers Conference. Click Here to View the Press Release.

Supplies can be donated for the upcoming trip at Prime Tyme Soul Cafe (2730 University Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27105).

  • Water (Jugs or Bottles)

  • Clorox

  • Gloves (work and cleaning)

  • N95 Mold Masks

  • Trash Bags

  • 1/2 Gallon Pump Sprayers

  • Toiletries

  • Gift Cards from Walmart or Target

  • School Supplies for Kids

  • Disinfectant Wipes

  • Ziplock Bags

Click on the bullet points below to learn more and connect with these efforts to donate or get involved:

To post on this page, email lkaiman@loveoutloudws.com if your organization is hosting an event, making preparations or seeking volunteers or resources for the Hurricane Florence response.


If you’d like to give toward efforts, you can do so through many of the above organizations or through Love Out Loud. We maintain a permanently-restricted fund for disaster relief efforts where 100% of your donation is invested in those efforts (after credit card/ACH transaction fees charged by the vendor; no fees are involved with checks).

There are 3 ways to give:

  1. Give digitally online by CLICKING HERE. Be sure to choose “Disaster Relief” from the drop down menu: for example, “I’d like to give $100 to Disaster Relief”

  2. Text any amount to (336) 750-6555 using the key word florence: for example, $100 florence

  3. Mail checks payable to LOVE OUT LOUD with “disaster relief” or “florence” in the memo line:

Love Out Loud

P.O. Box 20912

Winston-Salem, NC 27120

Please complete the form below to be kept up to date on current disaster relief efforts:

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