Uniform Exchange & Mart

In the 2016-17 ministry season, Uniform Exchange & Mart released more than 20 volunteers and 8 leaders from 2 churches and community groups to touch 166 people all across WS/FC and beyond

For the second year of Uniform Mart (2017)

We were assisted by over 20 volunteers. A great help this year were Speas teachers who helped at Checkout with translating and welcoming kids back and a few volunteers from Hope Church. 

There was great energy and joy at Open House which was set up in the cafeteria with Principal Ash and Asst Principal Pressley smiling & so grateful to see needs met.

Together we served parents of all income levels who were able to purchase and exchange back to school clothing and buy new underwear and socks.  In total over 166 kids were served - meeting the needs of a third of the school.  

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