As follow-up to a phone conversation, Chuck sent the following email to Karen on 5/1/18:

Hi, Karen.

So good connecting with you this morning! And, again, my apologies for not looping you about the prayer breakfast today. BUT, you can get a taste of it by watching a video we produced. You’ll find the video (as well as videos from previous years) at:

We covered A LOT of ground in our conversation this morning, so a brief summary may be helpful….for both of us!!

•  With the encouragement of the CCF Executive Director (Sandi Scannelli) and the approval of the Love Out Loud board, we will begin to look at the best way to transfer the Shore property from CCF to an LLC managed by Love Out Loud (or perhaps another “instrument" upon recommendation of legal counsel)

•  I will follow up with the possibility of pro bono legal work being done by a local law firm. But, if needed, we would draw from the 2017-18 grant disbursement to cover any legal costs to guide us toward a solid option.

•  Morgan Barney will start this Monday, May 7 (woo hoo!!!), and a team to include Morgan, myself, and a couple of key LOL leaders and board members will meet Tuesday evening, May 8, to brainstorm and discern next steps, including the summer timeline, the transfer of the property, a budget for the current funds (2017-2018) as well as the 2018-19 dispersement, etc.

•  We will set up a regular time to connect with you at the level you feel best about, whether weekly or monthly, etc. Here are some windows for an initial meeting that would work on our end:

Friday, May 11, at 9am or 1:30pm

Wednesday, May 16, anytime

Thursday, May 17, 9:30am-2:00pm ***this date selected: 9:30am

Friday, May 18, 9am, 10am, or 1:30pm

•  As mentioned, I have also been instructed by the LOL board to develop a fiscal sponsorship policy to both review and support projects such as the Shore House, Piedmont Freedom Schools (focused on literacy and summer learning loss), Moji Coffee and More (the coffee shop to employ those with intellectual disabilities), and other emerging and innovative efforts that we clearly discern to be the activity of God….and surely the Shore project falls into that category! I’m attaching an early version of a working document presented to the LOL board that may be helpful.

•  As you’ll see on the attached document, a very common practice is an admin fee to the “parent organization” overseeing a program or project that may (or may not be!) seeking 501 status. For the long haul, we’re laying the groundwork to address the rising level of partnerships and how to achieve sustainability—both for the staff capacity of LOL as well as solid fiscal footing. 

•  There is some thought toward thinking of and framing up the Shore House as Love Out Loud Yadkin. This is VERY early thinking but would, potentially, accurately portray the nature of partnerships and connection that Love Out Loud has been doing in Forsyth County that we sense may be emerging in East Bend: i.e., high levels of partnership among current nonprofits; engaging and collaborating with local churches; matching volunteers and their gifts, skills and passions to events and activities at the property, etc.

•  We’re all vetting Tuesday, June 12, in the evening as a potential date for a gathering with your and your dad’s friends at the property


OK, that may not have been so brief! But, hopefully helpful for both you and Hop in capturing the current dialogue. And, if I missed anything, please feel free to reply with edits!! Or we can certainly connect by phone to be sure to stay on the same page.


Excited about the next chapter!!