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Scripture tells us that Christian discipleship is ultimately a matter of love. More specifically, love of God and neighbor. Yet we live in an age when the very idea of love has been recast, watered down, set aside, and commandeered for differing agendas. We also live in an age of acute isolation, when cultural conditions make it difficult—even unrealistic—to order the whole of our lives around love. And, despite the best of intentions, the church often unknowingly reinforces these challenges. Therefore the key question of discipleship in our time is not what should we think, believe, or do. It is, instead, how do we become lovers of God and neighbor?

The School of Love seeks to be an answer to that question. 

Re-imagining and re-inhabiting some of the richest strands of Christianity from Africa, Europe, South/Central America, and the U.S., the School of Love works to form new habits of “life together” for the sake of 1) deep formation into the Christian life, and 2) justice and beloved community across systemic divides in Winston-Salem. We undertake this work in a way that supports the church, striving to help renew and rediscover who she is. For it is only in Christ’s body that we become lovers of God and neighbor. 

In the coming months we will unpack this vision in more detail. But for now, we would appreciate your support as we work to form a life together in Christ for others. Also, if you would like to stay in touch, please give us your contact information below. Thank you for your interest, and we’ll be in touch soon! 

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