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School of Love is about radical discipleship. Radical, meaning “of, relating to, or proceeding from the root,” illumines School of Love’s singular focus on the root of Christian discipleship: love of God and neighbor in Jesus Christ. Love is what Jesus means when he says, “Follow me.” 

Yet we live in an age when the life of love is exceedingly difficult. And, in an age when no one seems to agree on what love even means! Even so, everyone would likely agree that we inhabit a time of rapid change and cultural upheaval. This reality poses a challenge to the whole church. Today, the challenge is not what do we need to think, believe, or do. It is, instead, how do we become lovers of God and neighbor in Jesus Christ? How are we to live the life of Christian discipleship?

School of Love seeks to be a response to this challenge. 

Throughout history, when the church has struggled to make disciples in a new cultural context, certain movements have emerged as ways to experiment with new forms of Christian faithfulness. Re-imagining and re-inhabiting some of the richest strands of Christianity, School of Love likewise works to establish new rhythms of life together for the sake of (1) deep formation into the Christian life and (2) justice and beloved community across systemic divides in Winston-Salem. It also undertakes this work in a way that supports the whole church. For it is only in Christ’s one Body that we become disciples who love God and neighbor.  

To become radical disciples together, School of Love directs cohorts of approximately thirty participants. The participants come from denominationally diverse churches in Winston-Salem, split equally between predominately white congregations and congregations of color.

The cohorts are organized according to a Rhythm of Life Together, which requires commitments to: (1) common rhythms of love such as common prayer, confession, Sabbath, education, justice, “breaking bread” meals, and more, (2) personalized rhythms of love, and (3) intercultural life together. 

The initial cohort commences in September 2019 and concludes in May 2021. Information sessions are available and will be posted on this site. To view and submit a cohort application and recommendation form, see below.  

School of Love is co-directed by Clay Cooke and Terrance Hawkins. If you would like to learn more about the School’s work and various ways you can be involved, please contact

Thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon!

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