Nonprofit Update 8.1.19

Nonprofit Partners on BASE!

Friends, we’re about six weeks in and growing every day - and increasingly excited about this new season with BASE (which is what we’re calling Coming off a big event this past weekend we received a lot of positive feedback from volunteers and agency partners on how easy the site was to use - we hope you’re having the same results!

If you were around for the previous email (if not, view it here) you’ll remember that Love Out Loud is soft-launching BASE this summer to be able to best support users and agencies as they come online and troubleshoot anything that comes up. Please let me know if you need help adding opportunities or events, knowing what certain verbiage means, or if anything isn’t working the way you’d expect it to work. Feel free to forward feedback to me at any time or fill out our feedback survey HERE.

We’re hosting an in-person training for agency managers on BASE to learn more about how to post opportunities/events and some of the cool features this site holds. The training will be on Wednesday, Aug 15 from 12 – 1p at the Saltbox (1650 Ivy Ave). RSVP here. Email with questions.

One AWESOME perk for the agencies that have jumped on-board early: Wake Forest Football Tickets!
Our partners at Wake Forest University have invited our agency partners to be a part of their Coaches Kids Program - where they provide football ticket to the clients of local nonprofits. They’re offering up to 25 tickets per game (8/30, 9/21, and 11/23) to organizations on BASE. Let us know if your organization is interested in tickets and we’ll forward the registration form to you. The registration forms must be turned in by August 16, so don’t wait!

In Closing, Here’s this week’s PRO-TIPS for BASE:

Did You Know? Once a User (Volunteer) signs in opportunities are displayed by the CAUSES and INTERESTS/SKILLS they designated interest in.

  1. CAUSES are broad areas of service that volunteers may be interested in (ie. Veterans/Military, Housing/Clothing, Immigrants/Refugees).

    • CAUSES are associated with the entire agency. Check out your agencies profile to make sure you’ve checked ALL that represent your organization.

    • We updated CAUSES on 7/15/19 - there are now 24 categories for you to choose from.

  2. INTEREST/SKILLS are the ways volunteers serve (ie. Baking/Cooking, Serving with my Kids, Physical Labor, Technology)

    • INTERESTS/SKILLS are associated with specific opportunities (ie if you needed individuals to come help cook dinner as a group for your clients you could choose hospitality, cooking/baking, social, good for groups, serving with my kids, etc).

  3. No Opportunities? Without opportunities, users can still find your profile through the “Agencies” tab on the left sidebar, but when you post opportunities they are sorted for volunteers based on what they’re interested in AND linked in a weekly digest to volunteers. We suggest to organizations to have at least one or two opportunities on BASE for individuals to participate with - especially those opportunities that are easily accessible to new volunteers (or first serve opportunities as we like to call them!)

*Build Out Your Profile:* Make sure you add your agency’s logo, who you are, what you do, contact information and some pictures to your profile! Check Out The Down Syndrome Association of GWS andSECU Family House as great examples!

We’re thankful to you for jumping in early and helping us build BASE with your volunteer opportunities and are looking forward to continue to engage volunteers alongside you and for the great season to come!

liz kaiman
partnership director, love out loud

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