How to Add Volunteer Opportunities and Events on BASE

This blogpost is designed to assist agencies that have a profile on BASE ( to add (volunteer) opportunities and events.

Please follow the steps below if you need assistance, please contact Liz at

  • Login to your agency profile at

    *if your agency has not created a profile click here for the tutorial on “How to Create an Agency Profile”

    *if your agency has a profile, but you do not have access, please contact your organization volunteer coordinator or Liz at for access.

  • Upon login, you should be directed to your agency’s dashboard- (if you ever need to get back to the dashboard from elsewhere click “my agency” in the top right of your screen")

There are two ways to add opportunities to your profile.

“OPPORTUNITIES” are volunteer opportunities - anything an individual could get volunteer credit for can be added here. If you need exact sign ups for opportunities list them here.

“EVENTS” are opportunities that individuals would not get volunteer credit for (ie. attending a fundraiser, open house, or video screening). Individuals could RSVP for the event, but not sign up for specific time slots.

How to Create a NEED (Volunteer Opportunity)

  1. From your agency’s dashboard click “OPPORTUNITIES”

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 11.20.49 AM.png

On this page you’ll be able to see all current and past opportunities, edit them, export responses and add new opportunities.

2. To Add a New Need Click “ADD NEW OPPORTUNITY”

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 11.37.29 AM.png

3. Add Opportunity Information.

*You can add pictures, links, and edit text style in description box.

4. Set Opportunity as Public or Private

*”Public” opportunities can be seen by any volunteer on the site. “Private” opportunities will be reserved to specific groups and can only be accessed through a hyperlink or special permissions - for more information about private opportunities or how to utilize these for your organization please contact Liz at

5. Duration of Opportunity (once this OPPORTUNITY is saved, you will not be able to change duration type)

  • Is Ongoing: no particular start or end date (we always collect canned foods)

    • Try not to use “ongoing needs” often, they do not show up on the calendar since there is no particular date and when volunteer opportunities are sorted by date created (default) they will show up based on when you created them, even if the opportunity is still going.

  • Runs Until: no particular start date, but a hard end date. (we need individuals to read to students until June 11th)

  • Happens On: happens on a single date (our annual chili cook-off is June 11th and we need ticket-takers).

  • Multi-Date: happens on multiple particular dates (our annual book sale is next Friday-Monday)

  • Custom Shifts: happens with custom shifts - different days, times, durations, numbers of volunteers needed or multiple shifts on a (or multiple) day(s). (I need 3 individuals for 4 hours on Friday, 5 individuals for 2 hours on Saturday, and 10 individuals for 1 hour on Sunday)

  • Recurring Shifts: a need that happens often for the same day, amount of time, and number of volunteers (every MWF, May - August, we need 5 volunteers from 10a - 1p

6. Set Capacity / Hours / Duration

7. Allow Team Registration?
- Yes (allows teams and individuals)
- No (allows individuals only)
- Teams Only (no individual sign ups)

8. Attributes - any other special info you want set apart (wear sunscreen, wear closed toed shoes, please wear orange t-shirt)

9. Interest & Abilities - please select those pertinent to the opportunity

10. Additional Notification Recipient - primary agency manager will be notified via email for participants, if you would like a secondary person notified, enter their email here.

** If your need required a waiver, background check or other “qualifications” please contact Liz at and we can attach them to your profile to be able to add to volunteer opportunities.

*** You will receive an email when your need is approved and visible on the website. To edit existing opportunity click edit on the OPPORTUNITIES page on your agency dashboard.

How to Create an EVENT (non-Volunteer Opportunity)

  1. From your agency’s dashboard click “EVENTS”

On this page you’ll be able to see all current and past events, edit them, duplicate them, export responses and add new events.

2. To Add a New Event Click “ADD NEW EVENT”

3. Add Event Title & Description

*You can add hyperlinks, pictures, and text styles to the description box

4. Enable RSVP’s if you want to see who’s coming. Otherwise the information will be shown on the site but there is no way to respond

5. Add event location and contact information

6. Save Event!

*** You will receive an email when your event is approved and visible on the website. To edit existing needs click edit on the EVENTS page on your agency dashboard.

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