On Tuesday, July 25, we'll be providing "Welcome Home" bags for 38 Rolling Hills residents who will be the latest neighbors to move back into new-renovated apartments. Consider donating some of the supplies below, listed in highest priority of need:

  • Mops, brooms and dustpans

  • Cleaning supplies (all kinds)

  • Dish cloths and dish towels

  • Laundry detergent

Contact Lisa Hathaway for more specific details and drop off information: lhathaway@loveoutloudws.com or (336) 747-3067.

Saturday, August 26th, We'll be throwing a fall/back-to-school party for residents of the Rolling Hills Community. Email lhathaway@loveoutloudws.com or lkaiman@loveoutloudws.com for more information. 

You may recall the stories of challenging, substandard living conditions in the Rolling Hills Apartments. Well, change is finally coming: each unit is undergoing massive renovations. CLICK HERE for an update in a recent edition of the Winston-Salem Journal. Help us mark the moment by blessing residents as they return home.

We are so grateful for the thousands of supplies that were donated at the Joyce Meyer Conference in 2016. Joyce Meyer Ministries also provided a generous $5,000 grant for additional needs as people move from homelessness into housing. For example, a 30-day bus pass is given to each new resident. More below.

When someone moves into housing, the Love Out Loud team provides a bin of cleaning and household supplies, most of which are not covered by any kind of federal aid--things that many of us would simply run to Walmart to pick up....but that, many times, these friends have limited resources and transportation in order to get set up.

#MultipyHope was a HUGE success at the Joyce Meyer Conference in Winston-Salem on March 10-12, 2016! Read below for full details. Stay tuned to this page for more about how the donations will be distributed through a series of house-warming parties for the homeless, refugees, trafficking and abuse survivors and kids aging out of foster care at 18 and ex-offenders over the coming months! Click below to sign-up to receive emails specifically about these efforts.

Each welcome kit would include:

  1. A tote of the household supplies
  2. A resource guide of services
  3. A Wal-Mart gift card to be used
  4. A Joyce Meyer resource: a book or pamphlet donated by JMM
  5. A 30-day bus pass
  6. A personal note of encouragement from Love Out Loud and members of the body of Christ
  7. Blessing bags with personal touches added by the team: flowers, blessing bag, candles, magazines, coffee, Domino's gift card, fresh fruit, instant coffee...whatever the Lord lays on the hearts of the teams as each new resident is considered and the non-profit/ministry is consulted.

Items #1-5 have already been prepped and are ready for distribution. To distribute the donations and celebrate with each person moving into permanent housing, Love Out Loud is assembling a team to work on #6 and #7...a collective of churches and individuals with gifts of hospitality and a passion to serve the marginalized: the Celebrate Home team, a group of people with hospitality gifts and a heart for these friends who would help us throw a welcome home party and largely focus solely on #6 and #7 above for each newly housed individual or family.

The Celebrate Home team will work in partnership with the following non-profits and others to support their work with our friends moving into permanent housing:

Email us for more at serve@loveoutloudws.com! Find out more about the original donation drive below.


Churches here have been making huge strides in partnering together on initiatives AND taking a longer, more comprehensive look at our efforts. That is, rather than only engaging those in need at their point of crisis (which is clearly needed), what does a more developmentally-minded, long-range plan look like?

As a result, we are involved in a number of efforts that are helping people transition out of immediate need and into being self-supported: the homeless moving into housing, the incarcerated transitioning out of prison, refugees being resettled in our city, etc. LOTS and LOTS of God activity around these efforts.

To that end, we’d like to have conference attendees bring in household items that help people set up their homes…some for the first time in many, many years; others after a massive amount of turmoil that turned their lives upside down. It’s amazing how simple things like dish soap, cleaning supplies and kitchen utensils can be both expensive (once you add them up) and add to the litany of things someone needs to move out of desperate circumstances.


CLICK HERE to sign up to serve at the Conference and help with collecting, sorting or transporting donations.

On March 10-12, attendees of the Joyce Meyer Conference at the LJVM Coliseum in Winston-Salem will help us provide needed household items for people moving into permanent housing: the homeless, refugees, trafficking victims, ex-offenders, and others:

  • CLEANING SUPPLIES: dish detergent, bathroom/kitchen cleanser, sponges or cleaning clothes, laundry detergent
  • KITCHEN SUPPLIES: silverware, plastic cubs, kids tableware sets, pots & pans
  • PAPER GOODS: Toilet paper, paper towels and trash bags
  • Towels and washcloths for kitchen and bath
  • Shower curtains with hooks

To distribute the supplies, Love Out Loud will be partnering with JMM to provide a "Welcome Home Party" each time a person or family moves into permanent housing! Consider donating these needed supplies or being a part of the welcome home parties or both!

  • CLICK HERE for details on the JMM Conference
  • CLICK HERE to sign up to serve at the Conference and help with collecting, sorting and transporting donations.

If you would like to help with the collection process or ongoing efforts that move people from homelessness to housing, contact us at (336) 747-3067 or serve@loveoutloudws.com