LIT City



Lit City’s mission is to be a “light in the trenches” of our city’s youth culture from the classroom to the corner….from thecourt to the concert.


We seek to work and partner with schools, communities, and parents to see the next generation flourish in their life’s purpose and potential. Our desire is to be viable solutions to the problems plaguing youth of ALL backgrounds in our city. We unapologetically place a special emphasis on serving and building in solidarity with youth and families from marginalized communities. In addition to the common struggles of growing into adulthood, students on the margins face a multitude of other issues that impede their progress and rob them of a hopeful future. Lit City’s 4-­-pronged outreach approach is encapsulated within our mission statement. We want to compassionately engage students from “the classroom to the corner and from the court to the concert.  Each “C” word represents a point of contact and angle with which we seek to holistically serve students.


“The Classroom”:    L.I.T.    City    serves    public    schools    thru    leading    “culturally    relevant”    
character education    clubs    and    programs.    Currently    serving    in    6    schools    on    average    
we are    privileged    to    impact    the    lives    of    about    400    students    monthly.        
(more details    on    page    3    about    the    character    education    programs)    
“The Corner”:    In    partnership     with   our   parent organization     Love Out Loud,    we    do    
community development    projects    in    impoverished    communities.    These    off-­-campus    projects    include    mentoring    for    at-­-risk    youth,    job    training    for    parents,    tutoring    programs,    and    initiatives    that    counteract   childhood   hunger.      
“The Court”:  Sports    are    an    amazing    way    of    connecting    with    students    &    cultivating    
relationships.  Through    week-long    sports    camps,    weekend    retreats,    and    one    day    clinics    Lit   City    uses    sports    as    a    platform    to    promote    physical,    emotional,    and    spiritual    health.      
“The Concert”:    Through    anti-­-bullying    school    rallies    and large    city    wide    youth    events,    Lit    City    uses    the    arts    as    a    means    of    communicating    our    message    of    hope    to    youth.    Our    concerts    include    community    fairs,    free    food,    and    live    performances    of    youth-­-driven    music    like    hip-­-hop,    reggaeton,    rock,   and   pop!