HOW TO: Post Volunteer Opportunities on Hands On Connect

Once your organization has a Hands On Connect profile (if you're unsure, please view this blog) this blog will teach you how to post volunteer opportunities. 

1. Login to Hands On Connect with your organizations contact - through the "login" link in the top right corner

2. This will take you to the "Sharing Portal" your dashboard for the site (below)

3. To post volunteer opportunities click "Volunteer Opportunities" in the left sidebar.

4. View existing opportunities and their status here. 

5. To create a new opportunity click "Create Volunteer Opportunity" in top right. 

6. Fill in your opportunity details (* denotes required field)

  • Opportunity Name: choose something that describes your opportunity well. This is the title volunteers will see on the main page, "service day" is less desirable than "Pack Lunches for Hungry Children with Love Out Loud" (or something with more details)
  • Choose which Schedule Type works best: 
    • Date & Time Specific - Sign Up: ie. We need volunteers for these shifts, on specific days - volunteers can sign up specifically for opportunity. 
    • Date & Time Specific - Express Interest: ie. We need volunteers for these shifts, on specific days - volunteers can express interest in working shifts, you will need to approve volunteer before they are confirmed for the opportunity.
    • Individually Scheduled - Express Interest with Schedule: ie. We need a volunteer from 9 - 12p every workday, volunteers can express interest for certain time periods (I can work from 9a - 11a on Tuesday and Thursday). You will have to approve volunteer before they are confirmed. 
    • Individually Scheduled - Express Interest Only: ie. We need a volunteer to help us sort t-shirts anytime. Volunteers can express interest as a whole, but not for specific shifts. (I can help!). You will have to approve volunteer before they are confirmed. 
  • Description: Describe your opportunity, in detail. 
  • Default Opportunity Coordinator: if your organization has more than one opportunity coordinator, choose that here. (HOW TO: Set up multiple opportunity coordinators within my organization)
  • Location: your organizations past used locations will be saved here, if you need to add a unlisted location click "add a location (next step)". The next step will prompt you to add a location. Note: Volunteers will not receive opportunity location until they are signed up for opportunity.
  • Choose Primary Impact Area that best fits your organization. (You can also choose a secondary impact area if you'd like)
  • Optional: Choose Population Served  & Age Group Served
  • Choose Minimum Age to volunteer without an adult & Minimum Age (w/adult) - this allows potential volunteers to search for your opportunity to be able to serve with their children/service groups. (Note: If the ages are the same, enter the same age in both boxes)
  • Maximum Attendance: Choose how many volunteers your organization can host, HOC will cut off registration after this number is reached. 
  • Check boxes if your organization is suitable for groups, court ordered volunteers RSVP/senior volunteers. If additionally information is require, please put that in the description box. (ie. Court ordered volunteers must contact volunteer coordinator before signing up)
  • Check if an orientation and/or background check is required
  • Disaster Opportunity type: use only if this is a disaster opportunity
  • Program Area: function is not used yet. 
  • Registration Cutoff Hours: Check how many hours before the event you would like registration to close. (ie. My event is at noon Friday and we're serving lunch, I need final number of volunteers by noon Thursday, so I would cut off registration 24 hours before event).  Note: this number can be 0 if you would like to keep registration open through the beginning of the event. 
  • Volunteer Event: To be used if your opportunity falls under a larger umbrella of opportunities (such as Christmas for the City). For information on how to get a Volunteer Event set up contact Liz Kaiman.

7. Create Location for your opportunity

  • Location will be sent to volunteer after they sign up with a map
  • Special Directions: "ring bell on arrival", "address will take you to blue building, please park across the street at the green building", "don't forget to wear closed toed shoes!"

8. For Date/Time Specific Opportunities: 

  • If opportunity occurs on a regular schedule (ie. Every tuesday, every second Friday) - choose "Yes" and follow steps. 
  • If opportunity does not occur on a regular schedule choose "No" and set date/time (or first date) of opportunity below. Click Create.
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.53.37 PM.png

9. You will be taken to page below, where you can review and edit details. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.57.53 PM.png

10. If you need to add a new date/time for the same opportunity - scroll to bottom of page and click "add new occurrence"

  • Here you can also:
    • View signed up volunteers
    • Confirm volunteers that are signed up for opportunity
    • Email all volunteers that are signed up
    • Print a sign in sheet for opportunity
    • Confirm volunteers that attended your event

Please email Liz Kaiman with any questions. 





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