HOW TO: Create a Nonprofit Profile on Hands On

Hands On Connect is a site where organizations are able to post volunteer opportunities for volunteers to search and sign up for.

Love Out Loud is continually using this platform/database to point volunteers to widely, and through our Pathways program, to engage volunteers in volunteer opportunities in their area of passion. 

To create a profile please follow the steps below. Contact Liz Kaiman with any questions. 

1. Go to

2. Check to see if your organization has an existing profile by clicking on "For Volunteers" > "Browse Organizations"

- If your organization is not listed, please proceed to step 3
- If your organization is listed, but you are not aware of the login, please contact Liz Kaiman to reset your contact record

3. If your organization does not have an existing profile (is not listed under "Browse Organizations" - click on "For Nonprofits" in the top banner, then "Set Up a nonprofit account"

4. Fill out the requested information
- once your profile is submitted, it will need to be approved, please allow 2 business days. 
- "Mission Statement" box can be used for as much information as you'd like about your organization (including pictures, links, service areas)


5. Once your profile is created you will be able to post volunteer opportunities and connect with volunteers. 

Learn how to post volunteer opportunities here. 


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