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Renaming the Dixie Classic Fair Meeting

  • Union Baptist Church 1200 North Trade Street Winston-Salem, NC, 27101 United States (map)

Committee To Rename “Dixie Classic Fair”


Greetings…..I hope this note finds you with the abundance of God’s love.  What a tremendous weekend we had with the play production “The Union” along with a powerful gathering of truth, transparency, and trust. I am still rejoicing over how God blessed our city with efforts towards racial reconciliation, and we should be thankful for all that made it happen.


Thank you for showing interest in renaming “The Dixie Classic Fair”.  The Fair comes to our city annually under the auspices of uniting us and bringing us together, however, the paradox is that the very name separates us historically and racially.  The name of this Fair is one of the most obvious hindrances towards racial healing that we have. It is very segregating, separating, divisive, racist, and bifurcating.  The name “Dixie” is the name that represents the Southern States that desired to keep slavery as a system of oppression during the Civil War. Not to mention, it represents that States of the Union that lost the war. It is also the name that has history to a Northern slave owner by the name of Dixon. It is believed that his “good treatment” of slaves is what inspired the song “Dixie” in which picking cotton is celebrated and glorified. An image of this is so insulting to the history of African-Americans, that the University of Mississippi will no longer allow their students to sing that song collectively, due to its’ harsh racial overtones and cultural insensitivities. 


Research shows that the use of this name “Dixie” has declined tremendously over the past years, and it is largely due to its alignment with hate groups, hate crimes, and movements that demonstrate the confederate flag as their banner for maintaining history of the South that celebrates a past of racial inequality. With these strong racial implications, this is not the image that we desire for our city, and it certainly does not represent the vision of our future and the optimism of our city.


Therefore, a letter has already been submitted to Mayor Allen Joines and the City Council, and this concern has been assigned to a committee for further study. However, I am writing to invite you to a follow up meeting with all persons who have an interest in this regard. We presently have close to 1,000 signatures for change, and more names are being gathered.   


Meeting Date- Tuesday, March 19- 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. 

Meeting Place- Union Baptist Church, 1200 N. Trade Street, Winston-Salem, NC

Meeting Agenda

  • Clarify Concern

  • Report On Meetings Concerning Name Change

  • Suggestions For New Name For Fair

  • Appoint Representative of the Renaming Team


Thank you and if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns please contact me at

336-399-1355 or


Bishop Sir Walter Mack,

Servant Leader


Cc:/Chuck Spong

Love Out Loud

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