Collective Impact Groups

Forsyth Futures is an organization that provides action-oriented data analysis and reporting services to organizations within Forsyth County. They work to catalyze Forsyth County’s collective problem-solving capacities for positive change. Study our community to understand the causes of systemic challenges, communicate these insights in accessible, engaging ways, and disseminate them to stakeholders at all levels to inform positive change.

Forsyth Futures Vision is to see a vibrant, equitable, and prosperous Forsyth County, in which stakeholders have the information they need to make intelligent, informed decisions.

The Forsyth Promise facilitates education-focused collaborative, community-wide planning and action. We provide a framework to help all community stakeholders work together toward the goal of improved educational outcomes for Forsyth County’s students  from cradle to career. Our core values are Educational EquityInclusive Stakeholder Engagement, and Data-Driven Decision Making.

Imagine Forsyth (iF) starts with us – our family, our neighbors, our community – our dreams for the future. 
We each bring something valuable to the table. And when we invest our time, resources, and energy 
in the community, we all benefit from stronger relationships, stronger neighborhoods, and stronger futures.

iF is a diverse community of vibrant, healthy, and strong neighborhoods with engaged residents who share a common purpose of collective well-being. iF’s purpose is to promote and facilitate individual and family stability in health and wellness through resident-driven collective efforts.

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods connects community leaders with the resources they need to become self-determine producers of sustainable community development. Their guiding principles are based on the Asset-Based Community Development framework. 

Forsyth County has the highest rate of concentrated poverty out of all major urban North Carolina counties. Too often, institutions try to solve community challenges without resident input. NBN provides community organizations with technical assistance, organizing support, learning and leadership opportunities. They facilitate community development from within neighborhoods. Developing and engaging community leaders is an important part of their commitment to our city. 

The Pediatric Holistic Health Initative is an innovative and collaborative approach—funded by Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust–around the pediatric “home base” at Wake Forest Baptist Health sites and education and health community service providers, Imprints Cares and Family Services. In order to meet children and their families where they are early as we get them ready for school, we offer levels of tiered services. We address the physical, social-emotional, and educational health, and well-being of families so that children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn.


The Winston-Salem Poverty Thought Force is a communitywide collaboration spearheaded by the city of Winston-Salem to identify steps both feasible and impactful to reduce the number of residents living in poverty.

The Poverty Thought Force was formed in October 2015 and comprises 22 members representing a broad range of Winston-Salem’s civic and academic institutions. The Poverty Thought Force has five subcommittees that focus on various aspects of poverty.

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