Friday, April 28, 2017

Break Bread - Break Down Walls - Build Relationships

You are invited to join Love Out Loud, the New Canaan Society, and the Skunkworks Committee on Racial Reconciliation in following Jesus' model of breaking bread together in private homes with people different than ourselves.  Break Bread Winston-Salem is an evening of private dinners across our city the goal of which is to gather in the name of Jesus and grow relationally as a city by meeting new people, working on challenging cultural blind spots, and sharing our hopes and burdens.  We desire to foster relationships across racial, geographical, socio-economic and denominational lines in our city.

Each dinner will have two couples or individuals as co-hosts and will engage 10-12 people per home.  Dinner menu and location will be decided by the co-hosts who will also serve as discussion facilitators through the meal, with suggested readings distributed ahead of time.

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