Back To School

With so many amazing and generous efforts across WS/FC to help families get ready for school, we are reaching out to as many schools, community organizations, businesses, churches and individuals to get a sense for what they are thinking for the summer of 2017.

In effort to align our work, we have chosen to direct school supplies to six title I "pilot schools". Please consider bring school supplies (listed below) to any of the below schools the week of August 14th & 21st. 

More information below...

Each summer, there are many terrific school supply drives that support so many families across our city. Yet, often, we struggle to align our efforts so that ALL families and students are able to access this generosity...and to do so in empowering ways.

If you are planning any kind of supply drive or other effort to serve the families of our community and would be open to how we can better align our efforts, watch for gaps and duplication, and increase the impact of our shared work in our community, would you take a moment to complete the form below.

Love Out Loud is facilitating a community-wide conversation to simply discern how we can strengthen our collective efforts to meet this significant need for which our community feels great passion.

At the bottom of this page are two forms below: one specifically for school supply drives; a second for other back-to-school efforts.

First, though, is the current thinking about how we (the community!) might best support our educators and the families they serve.

Back-to-School Supply Drive Task Force 

Summer 2017 


  • We have an abundance of supplies flowing through the county, yet often uncoordinated and resulting in both duplication and gaps as well as less than optimal impact. 

  • Many times, back packs that are distributed are not fully stocked, resulting in some parents having to go to multiple distribution points to get what they need. 

  • We will not “solve” the coordination of school supply efforts this year, but we seek to find alignment among the multiple independent efforts. 


  • Coordinate our efforts for greatest impact. 

  • Raise awareness of the ongoing work of schools and partners. 

  • Deepen understanding of the context of school efforts and challenges families face. 

  • Build relationships across the community between schools, collective impact efforts, non-profits/ministries, other grassroots efforts and families. 


  • Seek alignment of dates as catalyst for coordination of efforts, with an eye toward ongoing partnership throughout the year at whatever level is appropriate for the community partner. 

  • Establish a common collection for supply drives that are not already integrated into ongoing year-round efforts to serve families. 

  • Fully stock each and every backpacks. 

  • Primarily distribute through channels of schools, as well as non-profits and ministries in ongoing relationships with families. 


Collection and assembly: the week of Aug. 14-18 at pilot schools (to date: Philo-Hill, Ashley, Kimberly Park, Easton, North Hills, Middle Fork) 

Basic requirement: a WSFCS staff member from a school joining the process. Efforts at additional schools along with other community partners are welcomed! 

Principals determine the distribution process (filled backpack given during open house, backpack with basic starter supplies then rest distributed through the year, etc) 

Go to district webpage for general school supply needs. (elementary: ). Ask principals for school specific "wish lists." Seek financial donations for larger items like TI Calculators, thumb drives, etc. 

Volunteers with time encouraged to help teachers set up classrooms that week 

Something to bless teachers??? 

WFMY Channel 2 hosts collection sites at partner schools throughout the week/month 

Inspire 340 Community Impact Day: Sat, Aug 19, 12-3pm, LJVM Annex. 

Encouragement tunnel at District Kick-Off rally: Friday am, August 18 or 25, Dash Stadium 

Distribution: at Open Houses: Middle/High: Wed, Aug 23; Elementary: Thurs, Aug 24 

Backpacks in home rooms 

ALL community partners (WSPD?) on site to support and encourage school personnel and families (before: help with set-up; after: greet families, tear down) 

Community meal distributed AFTER open house; punched passport is ticket (i.e., family gets passport punched/stamped from each stop of open house) 

Follow-up: encouragement tunnels at partner/pilot schools on first day of school: Mon, Aug 28 

Debrief: early September 

Hold another drive in December (at CFTC?) or January to help families restock at mid-year 

To coordinate our efforts, we're mapping out our efforts in the following areas:


Contact person within the organization (if known)
Contact person within the organization (if known)
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Contact person from the organization (if known)
Contact person from the organization (if known)
What age level is the focus of the effort?
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